I can make holsters to hold a variety of phones and are worn on a belt. Some phones, iPhone 6 and 6 plus, have snap on covers with a leather inlay. Still use an older style flip phone? No problem, holsters are available for those as well. Purses can even be designed to have an internal pocket for a phone so it is easy to find in a larger purse. If you have a phone that doesn’t fit the items on the page, I can make custom cases, designed just for your phone and the way you carry it. Tablet cases and sleeves are available as well.

SmartphoneLargeCase SmartphoneCase SmartphoneBiggerCase iPhone6plusCase iPhone6InlayCase IMG_0306 tmp_12449-imag0226-895519179

Snap on covers are available for Samsung Galaxy models 4 through 7, some LG and HTC models, iPhone 5, 5s, and SE, 6, 6s, & 6plus. These are Body Glove slim, satin covers that I can make a leather piece for. Over 20 styles available.

FlipPhoneCase FlipPhoneCase2 LargerHolster PhoneCreditCardCase TabletCasesToo XLargeHolster