Cell Phone Covers and Cases

When you have a daughter who is a Harry Potter geek, you get asked to make some interesting things. Samsung Galaxy S7 is the model. tmp_12449-imag0204-317873119 tmp_12449-imag02181777402541 tmp_12449-imag0226-895519179

Everyone needs a custom made genuine leather cover or case for their cell phone. This first one is clearly intended for a dead head. The leather is cemented into a plastic case that the iPhone 6+ sets right into, a snap on so to speak.

DH-CellPhone-cover IMG_0306IMG_0318 IMG_0317IMG_0323 IMG_0322

See the darker brown cover with the stealy design. That is a “Body Glove” slim, satin cover. These covers are available for a variety of phones, Samsung, iPhone, HTC, LG, over 20 models.iPhone6plusBGcover  tmp_12449-imag0226-895519179 I added a bit of lace around the edge.

Any case or cover with a suitable flat surface could have a custom made leather piece made and attached to your existing case. Contact for details and design ideas.