Gun Holsters

I have been commissioned to build several gun holsters and shoulder harnesses. The first was for a client’s wife as a surprise for a shooting event in mid-October. She is into all manner of collectible Owls, and she has quite the collection.

tmp_12449-imag01662140450070 I found this pattern on a piece of tracing film when I was looking for something else, go figure. However when I sent this pic to the client, he loved it and we decided to commit the design to the actual holster.tmp_12449-imag019934686466  I added more tree and branches to fill more of the space. The next step was coloring. A daunting challenge to begin with, but I think the end result shows it was time well spent. I worked with lots of colors, blend as I went, and ended with a really cool holster. I hear the client’s wife loved it.

tmp_12449-imag0248-1496624637tmp_12449-imag0244-2045558196 tmp_12449-imag0253469817998I also made a holster for a friend as practice. as is usually the case, the first project suggests modifications to the process and assembly.tmp_12449-imag0221525493492 tmp_12449-imag0223565119757 tmp_12449-imag0222-1989332910